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Dr Ainsworth has led clinical research studies at Sherbourne MC with the support of all the partners for the past 17 years. From time to time, patients with the appropriate medical history may be contacted to see if they are interested in taking part in studies relevant to their medical condition. Participation is purely voluntary and does not affect usual care.

Anyone volunteering to take part in research will be helping towards the development of new products to fight disease, enhance medical knowledge and promote evidence based best practice.

Studies currently being undertaken are displayed on the surgery TV screens. Patient may also contact the Research Nurse, Olivia Barnes on 01926 333525, Study Coordinator Steph Bradley on 01926 333516 or enquire by email to research@sherbourne.nhs.uk 

Current Studies


Are you over 18 years with Psoriasis and need a review of your condition or a change of treatment. Please see Dr Ainsworth or Olivia Barnes to discuss further



With antibiotic resistance being a problem, this study will compare a new skin cream to an antibiotic cream for the skin condition Impetigo. Anyone over the age of 18 months can participate.

Length of study : 2-3 visits over 15 days


TAPS Musculoskeletal

Patients 18 years and above with musculoskeletal pain maybe asked by their GP if they want to take part in a study by Keele University 




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