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27th July 2018

Group Consultations are coming to Sherbourne...

Group Consultations are one-to-one appointments delivered by your GP, Specialist Nurse or Pharmacist, to a group of patients with similar health issues in a supportive group setting. They are an alternative to traditional routine one to one appointments where the clinician can see around 12-15 patients in a 90 minute group session.

Evaluation studies have shown that working this way improves patient experience and outcomes and they have been shown to work very well in the USA and Canada for around the past 20 years.

Patients may be a little apprehensive to begin with, but please see the link below to demonstrate what a group of patients up in Northumberland think after attending a group consultation.


We will be running pilot Group Consultations for some of our patients with Type II Diabetes in the near future.

If you would like to be involved or have any queries please contact our Reception Team or Sue Thomas (ANP).


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