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9th May 2018

NHS England have now written to update Practices about the failure to recall some women for breast screening.

This issue affects only women who should have been invited for a mammogram between their 68th and 71st Birthday. Some women may have been missed from this recall programme. Public Health England (PHE) will write to anyone affected from 3rd May, with invitations to screening being sent from 14th May.

• All women aged under 72 will automatically receive and invite for a catch up screen
• Women aged 72-79 will be sent information on how to request a screening appointment
• Women affected by the problem will be eligible to an appointment by the end of October 2018.

If you have not received a letter by the end of May you can be reassured that you have not been affected by the recall problem.

PHE expert advice is that “missing a single breast screen at around 70 years of age is unlikely to have made a significant difference to a women breast cancer and how it is treated. However, some patients who have received a letter about the incident may have developed breast cancer and will be concerned that their prognosis has been affected by the screening incident”. In this case women may request a Risk Assessment to consider if earlier diagnosis could have altered when their cancer was diagnosed and whether this could have affected their treatment or outcome.

If you are concerned that this issue may affect you please do not hesitate to contact your GP.

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