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Sherbourne Medical Centre would like to welcome you to Leamington Spa!

Whether you are at university for the first time or are returning to academic life, it's important to register with a GP:

  • For repeat medication: especially if you have an ongoing medical condition such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy
  • For keeping up with vaccinations: meningitis and mumps are two which are often recommended for new university students who will be coming into contact with lots of different people from different places.
  • For sexual health advice and contraception: University is a time when many students may be becoming sexually active for the first time, and your GP can help you to decide which contraception would be best for you.
  • For mental health advice and help: you may have trouble with your mental health while at university, due to being away from your family and dealing with large work loads. Registering with your GP will give you a place to go for help if you are struggling.

For more information, please visit the NHS Student website

 Or for further advice visit  Studenthealth.co.uk 

Sherbourne Medical Centre is in central Leamington, a few minutes' walk from the Leamington Learning Grid 

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